The new spirit of Utah Tech University
Oct 17, 2022
Del Beatty, Dean of Students
The new spirit of Utah Tech University

Del Beatty, Dean of Students will share the energy, excitement and good happening at Utah Tech University and how happy students are to be studying here.

He readily admits, "the UT name change and rebranding process has been painful for many and I clearly understand both sides of this difficult issue."  However, this Rotarian-at-heart - a member of St. George Sunrise Rotary Club - enthusiastically notes, "it is fair to all concerned, is building goodwill and better friendships, and beneficial to our students and their futures."

For many, we'll always be "Dixie" but, fellow Rotarians ... this decision has been made and has been a done deal for more than 90 days now, so please be respectful to our speaker and his informative message. 

Let's support our university - established in 1911 - and still going strong!!!